TB Davies 2.0m (200cm) Light Duty Combination Extension Ladder

SKU: 269195

£113.99 £130.99

The light duty combination extension ladder is a versatile multifunction ladder that can be used as a straight extension, basic A-frame step, extended A-frame step and stairwell ladder that is easy to use and light enough to carry comfortably between jobs.


  • Use as a straight extension, extended A-frame, A-frame step and stairwell ladder
  • Rigid box section stiles
  • Wide horizontal stabiliser bar
  • EN131 Rated
  • Rungs: 7+7+7
  • Norminal Length: 2.0m
  • Max. Load: 150kg
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Straight Ladder Features:

  • Max. Working Height with Extension: 4.9m (490cm)
  • Closed Length: 2.0m (200cm)
  • Ext. Length: 4.3m (430cm)
  • Stored Depth: 150mm
  • Stabiliser Width: 760mm
  • Stabiliser Dimensions: W 60 x D 25 mm
  • Stile Depth: 60 x 25 mm

Step Ladder Features:

  • Open Step Depth: 1,310mm
  • A-Frame Open Step Height: 1.9m (190cm)
  • Approx. Working Height: 2.6m (260cm)
  • Last Climbing Height: 1.0m (100cm)

Extended Step Ladder Features:

  • Ext. A-Frame Open Step Height: 3.0m (300cm)
  • Approx. Working Height: 3.7m (370cm)
  • Last Climbing Height: 2.1m (210cm)

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