TB Davies Light Duty Combination Extension Ladder


The light duty combination extension ladder is a versatile multifunction ladder that can be used as a straight extension, basic A-frame step, extended A-frame step and stairwell ladder that is easy to use and light enough to carry comfortably between jobs.

    • Product Specification
    • Features:
    • Use as a straight extension, extended A-frame, A-frame step and stairwell ladder
    • Rigid box section stiles
    • Wide horizontal stabiliser bar
    • EN131 Rated
    • Rungs: 7+7+7
    • Norminal Length: 2.0m
    • Max. Load: 150kg
    • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Straight Ladder Features:
    • Max. Working Height with Extension: 4.9m (490cm)
    • Closed Length: 2.0m (200cm)
    • Ext. Length: 4.3m (430cm)
    • Stored Depth: 150mm
    • Stabiliser Width: 760mm
    • Stabiliser Dimensions: W 60 x D 25 mm
    • Stile Depth: 60 x 25 mm
    • Step Ladder Features:
    • Open Step Depth: 1,310mm
    • A-Frame Open Step Height: 1.9m (190cm)
    • Approx. Working Height: 2.6m (260cm)
    • Last Climbing Height: 1.0m (100cm)
    • Extended Step Ladder Features:
    • Ext. A-Frame Open Step Height: 3.0m (300cm)
    • Approx. Working Height: 3.7m (370cm)
    • Last Climbing Height: 2.1m (210cm)

A-Frame Open Step Height 1.9m (190cm)
Approx. Working Height 2.6m (260cm)
Brand TB Davies
Closed Length 2.0m (200cm)
Ext. A-Frame Open Step Height 3.0m (300cm)
Ext. Length 4.3m (430cm)
Last Climbing Height 1.0m (100cm)
Material Aluminium
Max. Load 150kg
Max. Working Height with Extension 4.9m (490cm)
Norminal Length 2.0m
Open Step Depth 1,310mm
Rungs 7+7+7
Stabiliser Dimensions W 60 x D 25 mm
Stabiliser Width 760mm
Stile Depth 60 x 25 mm
Stored Depth 150mm
Type Combination Ladder
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Weight 12kg

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