Teeter Ez Up Rack muscle tension and Stress Inversion Rack ONLY

SKU: 66444544


  • Any standard wood doorframe* can be your centre for inversion with the EZ-Up™ rack.


    Without interfering with the normal use of the door, quick-disconnect locking brackets secure to the doorframe and allow the Inversion Rack to be installed in just seconds.  The Gravity Boots wrap comfortably around each ankle, securing with adjustable, self-locking ratchet buckles.  The double-bar system enables you to hang freely out and away from the frame – allowing for maximum mobilization during your inverted workout! 

    Aside from standard inverted decompression and stretching, the EZ-Up Inversion System is an ideal platform for core strengthening, leg work, chin-ups, and exercise band and weight bag workouts!

    Whether you’re search for natural back pain relief, a way to take proactive care of your joints, or convenient and fun way to strengthen and stretch, the EZ-Up Inversion System provides a compact, out-of-the-way, in-home solution!


    * must meet uniform building code

    EZ-Up Inversion Rack ONLY

    • Double-Bar System
    • Quick-Disconnect Locking Brackets
    • Door-Savers
    • High Quality Finish

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