Teeter Fitspine x3 Inversion Table

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Get access to Inversion Experts online or over the phone.

Knowledgeable Inversion Experts

DVD and online video support included. Healthy Back and Body Series developed to improve mobility, flexibility and strength on your journey to relief.

Video On-Demand

Free app designed to help you get the most out of your Teeter. Schedule and track your sessions, watch how-to videos, chart your recovery and more.

TeeterLink App

Release tension, increase circulation, and relieve muscle discomfort with acupressure nodes. Add the Lumbar bridge, an adjustable, flexible and supportive lower back support for targeted decompression.

Value-Added Accessories

Included angle guide for user assistance while becoming familiar with inversion. Enhanced stretching and body positioning options for experienced inverters. EZ-Stretch Traction Handles provide enhanced stretching options, aid with oscillation and assist with release from full inversion.

Upgraded Handles Stretch Max handles

Supported by an 8-point suspension system that flexes as you move. Flexible design maximizes decompression.

FlexTech™ Table Bed

Micro-adjusting extended handle reduces the need to bend when securing the ankles. A triple-lock feature and wrap-around Ankle Cups provide maximum security and comfort.

Premium Ankle Lock System

The Teeter Fitspine x3 Inversion Table is an FDA-Registered 510(k) Medical Device indicated for back pain and related conditions. UL Listed Label demonstrates independent certification to meet the toughest quality standards. Complete with auto-locking hinges, cam locks, specialized pivot bearings and heat-treated steel parts provides great durability and reliability. Made with smooth, controlled rotation with minimal effort. Designed with Improved balancing to accommodate lighter body weights as well as adjustable tether included to pre-determine angle of inversion. Included is an option for secure lockout in full inversion for advanced stretches and exercises to build core strength. The Teeter Fitspine x3 is made with a heavy-duty steel base with scratch-resistant finish featuring stability feet that help protect floors. The Teeter Fitspine x3 Folds easy for storage, with no disassembly required making it the perfect piece of equipment.

    • Packed dimensions: L 50.8 x  W 73.2 x H 167.6 cm
    • Dimensions: L 205.7 x W 73.2 x H 219.7 cm
    • Weight capacity: 136 kg
    • Maximum user height: 142 - 198 cm
    • Weight: 34 kg
    • Acupressure nodes
    • Lumbar bridge
    • Online access to teeter
    • 8-point suspension system
    • Easy for storage, with no disassembly required
    • Stability feet that help protect floors
    • Scratch-resistant finish
    • Made with a heavy-duty steel base
    • Option for secure lockout in full inversion
    • Heat-treated steel parts
    • Specialized pivot bearings
    • Cam locks
    • Complete with auto-locking hinges
    • FDA-Registered 510(k) Medical Device
    • Features
    • Knowledgeable Inversion Experts
    • Video On-Demand
    • TeeterLink App
    • Value-Added Accessories
    • Upgraded Handles Stretch Max handles
    • FlexTech™ Table Bed
    • Premium Ankle Lock System

Colour Grey
Brand Teeter
Type Inversion
Dimensions L 205.7 x W 73.2 x H 219.7 cm
Weight 34 kg
Maximum user height 142 - 198 cm
Weight capacity 136 kg
Packed dimensions L 50.8 x  W 73.2 x H 167.6 cm

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