Teeter Hang Ups Adapter KitTeeter Hang Ups Adapter Kit

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The Adapter Kit is great for upgrading your inversion table. The adapter kit includes Gravity boots to replace your standard ankle clamps, which will reduce the load on the knee and ankle joints and a CV bar to replace your inversion table's assembly and helps reduce pressure points. 

The Teeter Gravitiy Boots supplement your workout or inversion sessions and provide a lightweight option to provide maximum comfort and support for your ankles. This will take your ab routine to the next level, where you will be able to incorparate challenging inverted sit ups, crunches and bends to your regular workout.

Whether you are searching for natural pain relief, proactively looking after your joints, or searching for a convenient and fun way to strengthen and stretch then these gravity boots is the ideal solution for you. 

With this equipment you can invert on any bar that meets the security requirements.


  • Flexible shell for comfortable fit, tough yet the pliable blend of DuPont Hytrel minimises any pressure points
  • Special blend of 5/8" foam liners, designed to give maximum comfort with minimum compression
  • Ratcheting, self locking buckles and double-lock system will ensure enhanced security
  • Ankle lock system 
  • High quality finish
  • Easy attachment 
  • Each boot weighs only 1.13kg 
  • Boot Height: 20.32 cm
  • Boot Circumference: 27.94 cm


  • Gravity Boots
  • CV Bar

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