Tefal Easy Pro Deep Fryer FR333040 Fryer - Silver

SKU: 66445469


Product Overview Enjoy simple cooking with this fryer from Tefal. As it has a 1.2kg capacity, there’ll be more than enough for you and your friends, whether that’s deliciously crunchy crisps or fluffy potato wedges. Its 2100 Watt power output means it’ll warm up in no time, so you won’t be waiting around. Thanks to the cool zone, the area under the heating rack is kept at a lower temperature to limit any food odours. There’s also a thermostat which lets you adjust the climate to suit your needs. And, it’s super-easy to clean, because you can pop the housing, bowl, lid and frying basket straight into the dishwasher.

    • Key Features It has a 1.2kg food capacity 2100 Watt power output Area beneath element stays cool to limit cooking odours Adjustable thermostat lets you tailor your cooking Housing, bowl, lid & frying basket are dishwasher-safe

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