Westbury 10ft Slate Snooker Table

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BCE Westbury 10ft Slate Snooker Table Think of the most famous moments in snooker history. Dennis Taylor beating Steve Davies on the last black in the last frame to take the World Championship. Alex Higgins making an incredible 135 clearance in the last frame to take his second World Title. Steve Davies demolishing John Parrott 18-3 to take his sixth World Championship crown. All of these great matches took place on a BCE Westbury table. Made in England, the BCE Westbury oozes tradition and heritage. Lovingly hand crafted and finished with all of the attention to detail, quality, and precision that have become the trademarks of a BCE Snooker table. Sizes available: 12', 10', 9' and 8' Wood type and cushion frieze Manufactured from hand selected solid woods and with the BCE wooden cushion that is World renowned for the consistency of the bounce. Optionally, you can choose to have steel block cushions on the 12' table sizes: Slate BCE use a 4.5 cm thick slate. Five pieces of slate cut from one slab to ensure consistency when the slates are laid down. No filler, no joints, no lips. Just one seamless slate playfield. Cushion Rubber BCE cushion rubber designed for consistent cushion response. The rubbers used on the wood cushions are fused together to get the full benefit and enhancement to the playing experience. Pocket Leathers The pockets are made using genuine leather to ensure maximum durability while at the same time providing a very fine quality leather that is soft to the touch yet does not crack under use. The Cloth West of England 6811 The finest cloth produced with the most glorious nap; bristly to the touch one way and as smooth as silk the other way. Snooker tables are traditional and napped cloth is essential. The nap when used at the highest level will assist the most talented players. When used properly, the nap will allow a ball played at the correct pace to be drawn very slightly into the pocket. This table comes with Delivery and installation by BCE professionals to make sure you get the very best from your snooker table. Fast delivery within 1-2 working days.