Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine
Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine

Circuit Fitness Water Rowing Machine

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You will never miss a workout again with the Circuit Fitness AMZ-167RW Water Rowing Machine, one of the newest rowers designed for home use that provides a realistic outdoor rowing experience. It’s suitable for everyone regardless of their physical fitness level. Beginners, intermediaries, and advanced users will find it a great way to achieve their fitness goals. It features a comfortable moulded seat, foam coated handlebar, large and textured pedals, adjustable LCD monitor, and a water resistance system that ensures you experience comfortable and productive workouts.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-167RW Water Rowing Machine’s framework is made of heavy-duty premium-grade steel, has several ABS parts in its construction and has a robust polycarbonate water tank. The frame has a special coating with anti-corrosion paint that conserves its quality and durability. The base framework system features floor-friendly front and rear stabiliser bars with adjustable rubberised levellers. It enables users to adjust the stabilisers if need be to prevent shaking during workouts. An important aspect to mention here regards the Rail position. The rail is not inclined forward, but it’s horizontal, and therefore, the rowing motion is neutral. The rower’s sliding rail measures approx. 101 cm, while the seat travel length is approx. 91 cm. The unit should accommodate users up to 188 cm (6’2″) with no problem, allowing a complete leg extension and a correct rowing motion. The front base integrates two roller wheels, so you can quickly relocate it once you have finished your workout and store it vertically. Requires minimal storage space, and the water tank is fully leakproof.

The Resistance System designed by Circuit Fitness for the AMZ-167RW Water Rowing Machine consists of a water tank with 15 litres capacity, a 16-blade impeller inside the water tank, a durable 2.5 cm nylon strap, pulleys, and the handlebar with an adjustable recoil system. The large impeller spins in the water as you pull the handle and adds drag to the rowing motion, offering a consistent full-body workout. The AMZ-167RW Water Rowing Machine provides low-impact and full-body cardio workouts; it helps you lose weight, tone over 80% of the body’s muscle groups and improve heart and lungs’ health. Over time, the Water Rower will enhance your overall physical fitness in the comfort of your home with a soothing swoosh-swoosh sound of water.


It is reccomended to perodically treat the water by dropping a chlorine tablet in the tank; a packet of 3 tablets for water purification is included. Remove the water from it if you are not using the rowing machine for more than a month. This will help keep the machine in pristine condition.

    • Padded grooved seat for extra comfort
    • Anti-slip foot rests
    • Equipped with a recovery function
    • Water resistance with 15 resistance levels
    • Displays time, distance, SPM, calories, strokes, HR
    • Telemetric Console accepts 5.3 kHz HR chest strap
    • Front transport wheels & Vertical storage
    • Race against the machine mode available
    • Anti-slip foam-padded handlebar
    • 16-blade impeller inside the water tank

Product weight 35 kg (+ Water up to 15 kg extra)
Dimensions L 200 x W 56 x H 106 cm

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