Princess Spas Mars 103-Jet 7 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed
Princess Spas Mars 103-Jet 7 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed
Princess Spas Mars 103-Jet 7 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed
Princess Spas Mars 103-Jet 7 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed

Princess Spas Mars 103-Jet 7 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed

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Introducing Gecko Alliance's in.touch 2 ultimate remote control for your spa. This system eliminates all the complexities of connecting your spa to the internet and transforms your smartphone or tablet, into your ultimate mobile remote control. For spa owners who need a solution coming with the simplest of setups possible, the Gecko in.touch 2 eliminates the need to refer to manuals or calling IT specialists. The Gecko in.touch 2 comes with a state-of-the-art app and 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters. Thanks to strong RF technology, the 2 receivers emit a strong, stable and long-range signal between your spa and router. With no need for repeaters or boosters, your spa will always remain within reach in typical backyard settings.


Effective insulation is extremely important to keep running costs to a minimum. The Princess Mars hot tub offers heat reflecting insulation that keeps the warm air inside and the cold air out, this is coupled with energy efficient covers that will reflect the heat back into the water.

Energy Saving

Princess spas have a multi-filtering system designed to improve your water quality. Micro-fibre filters remove tiny particles to prevent cloudy water and an ozone generator produces ozone gas, that acts as a powerful oxidant helping to destroy bacteria and algae. These systems are to be used in conjunction with a preferred sanitiser.

Crystal Clear Water

The Gecko spa control systems are made by industry leaders, who are renowned for durability and reliability. Easy control functions with a simple touch panel, allow adjustments which include lights, jets, temperatures etc. To compliment the system, users can use the Gecko IN. TOUCH 2 module to control your spa from your phone.

Industry Leading Controls

The Princess Mars Hot Tub has the new ultra-modern aluminium alloy skirting, which is easier to maintain, offers better insulation than wood and it doesn't require treatment or varnishing. Aristech Acrylics is the world leading brand of acrylic preferred by many spa manufacturers throughout the wet leisure industry. Renowned for is durability, quality and glossy finish makes this brand a must for any hot tub.

Acrylic and Cabinet

The Princess Mars Hot Tub features 103 carefully positioned hydrotherapy stainless steel jets to offer you the best possible hot tub massage experience. Some rotate whilst others are directional jets, allowing you to enjoy a soothing or invigorating massage in different areas of the hot tub.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Thanks to the underwater LED lighting system, you can immerse yourself in an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. The decorative mood lighting has been designed to sooth your mind, positioned around the seats and wrapped around the cabinet for a wonderful experience. The lights fade through a cycle of colours, meaning there is always something a little different.

Lights and Atmosphere

The Princess Mars Hot Tub is part of the ultra-modern Princess Spas range and features the most up-to-date technology, comprising of a waterfall, new aluminium alloy skirting, a Gecko control system, and 103 hydrotherapy jets topped with beautiful LED lighting within the skirting.

    • Pre delivery guide & Owners manual
    • Lights and Atmosphere
    • Hydrotherapy Jets
    • Acrylic and Cabinet
    • Industry Leading Controls
    • Crystal Clear Water
    • Energy Saving
    • Connectivity
    • Seating for 7 with 103 hydrotherapy jets
    • 2 x LP300 LX pumps
    • 1 x LP200 LX pumps
    • 1 x WTC-50 circulation pump
    • Wifi incorporated - control spa from your phone
    • White aluminium alloy skirting with LED belt lighting
    • Gecko control systems
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • 3 Kw Heater
    • Cover lifter included

Colour White
Brand Princess Spas
Material Acrylic
Type 7 Person
Dimensions L 2.75 x W 2.30 x H 0.95 m
Weight 680 kg
People Capacity 7
Installation Included Yes
Number Of Jets 103
Number of Seats 5
Number of Loungers 2
Control System Gecko
Heater 3 Kw
Speakers Bluetooth
Cover Included Yes
Starter Chemical Kit Included Yes
Installation Time 3-5 Hours
Water Capacity 2000 L

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