SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench
SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench

SteelBody STB-98502 Power Tower with Folding Bench

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Give your entire body a workout with just one machine: Dips, pullups, chin ups, push ups, bench press and barbell squats. Innovation for your convenience comes with the SteelBody STB-98502 Light Commercial Power Tower & Fold-Up Bench. Keep things simple with exercise equipment that deliver. Blend barbell and bodyweight training together up to 135 kg in one space-efficient design without compromising quality and durability. Keeping yourself in great shape can be done right in the comfort of your home, and you don't need lots of expensive machines to get fit. This robust, versatile bodyweight tower, adjustable bench & rack combo is a complete compact home gym. Begin your journey to a healthier body with the STB-98502 Light Commercial Power Tower & Fold-Up Bench from SteelBody. The bench allows you to lift barbells and bars either seated down or on your back.

The STB-98502 Power Tower houses a built-in fold-up bench that adds a whole new dimension to your home workouts. The Bench capacity of 270 kg allows a user of 135 kg to lift a load of 135 kg before racking the barbell. You can perform heavy bench presses safely without leaving home. The slide track with a spring-loaded adjustment pin allows you to quickly secure the bench to any of the 7 positions, from decline, flat to incline positions. A dual steel back pad support distributes the weight load evenly for heavier load capacities on the back pad. The seat pad also adjusts to 3 angles for a better fit and specific muscle targeting exercises. The fold-up handle at the front allows the bench to be raised up, smoothly transforming from a multi-position bench press to a squat rack or a power tower, making it ideal for home use.

The secure hook-around barbell pegs with handles allow rapid adjustment, and the lower elongated safety catch pegs will enable you to safely catch the barbell if you can't return it to the barbell pegs. This fitness equipment features an all-steel construction that can hold 135 kg. The upright posts come with 16 heights from 50 cm up to 159 cm high in 8 cm increments, so it's easy to find the suitable peg position for you, whether you are bench pressing or performing squats. Perform dips, pullups, chin-ups, push-ups, and more with this excellent bodyweight training equipment. In addition, the STB-98502 has sections wherein you can target specific muscle groups.

DIP handles are great for targeting the chest, the triceps and building your core. The knurled dip handles with a secure hook-around locking system are removable, allowing you to set them at various heights for different types of personalised exercise or remove them when you want to perform another kind of exercise. All fixed handles and bars are equipped with deluxe 2-inch-thick vinyl handles that offer excellent grip even when wet with sweat. The bottom of the tower has handles that you can use for push-ups, a classic workout that allow you to build optimal strength in the chest, shoulders, and forearms. They are equipped with thick vinyl handles for excellent grip and comfort. Then, located on the top is a multi-position pull-up bar, 2.1-metres-high with rubberised grips and head clearance cut-out frame, for back and biceps. You can also put your feet on them to propel yourself towards the pullup bar.

The SteelBody STB-98502 is perfect for users of all ages and fitness levels, giving your entire body a workout with just one versatile workout machine. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is shaped to allow you complete freedom of movement while performing your exercises.The power tower has an impressive weight load or user capacity of 135 kg (300 lbs) in any of its stations. It combines a 14-gauge 3-inch squared solid steel frame with steel triangular brackets to reinforce structural integrity. For superior stability, the front base frames are flared to increase the towers structural integrity, and the feet are slip-resistant. In addition, the load-bearing rubber feet are non-marking and are compatible with many floor types, such as concrete, wood, mats, carpet, and more.

The Power tower framework is finished with a powder coating paint, giving the tower a chip- resistant finish, resistant to scratches, sweat, mildew, rust, tear-resistant, and odour. The upholstery is made from high-quality faux canvas vinyl covering and internal top-grade plywood underneath. The dual steel back pad supports, and the 2-inch-thick padding make it perfect for heavy use in the comfort of your home or even for light commercial use.

This power tower is designed to fit inside your home without taking up too much space. Use the fold-up handle at the front and raise the bench for easy storage. SteelBody's designed to bring hard and heavy use equipment into the home with a commercial feel, but it can be used by anyone searching for genuine premium home gym equipment. Get your very own today and work your way to the figure you've always wanted. Combine the SteelBody STB-98502 Light Commercial Power Tower & Fold-Up Bench with barbell and weights set and get ready to pump someiron to get a body of steel!


Dimensions and Weights

Care, Maintenance and Safety

The weight bench can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild non-abrasive detergent.

Before using the machine to exercise, always do stretching exercises to properly warm up.

This bench has been manufactured to comply with the EN-957 global safety standards, the design has been tested for weight loading, pinch points, shear hazards, pull in and trapping hazards and similar hazards, which can arise during use of fitness equipment.

    • Light commercial Power Tower with Fold-up Bench.
    • All-in-one Gym - Power Tower, Squat Rack, and Bench Press.
    • Slide-track bench adjustment for optimum positioning.
    • Barbell & Bodyweight load capacity 135 kg – Bench 270 kg.
    • Barbell pegs & elongated catch for safely lift on your own.
    • Intelligent design for full-body workout, ideal for home gym.
    • Bench Press, Squats, DIP, pullups, Push-ups, and more.

Warranty 2 years
Please note Weight set and barbell not included
Maximum Weight Load Capacity on Rack 135kg
Maximum User Weight Capacity on Bench 135kg
Maximum User Weight Capacity on Pull Up & Dip Bars 135kg
Assembled Dimensions Length: 170cm x Width: 107cm x Height: 214cm
Folded Dimensions Length: 133cm x Width: 107cm x Height: 214cm
Compatible Barbells 6ft & 7ft Olympic 2” or Standard 1” bars
Rack Width 76cm
Pull Up Bar Width 110cm
Dip Handle Width 69cm
Floor to Seat Pad Height 46cm
Assembled Product Weight 79kg

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