Kinetico Kube 1 Non-Electric Water Softener - For Households with up t

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The Kube 1 Water Softener is the best introductory water softener on the market that’s great value, easy to install and economical to run. The non-electric design is powered by the natural flow of the water and provides beautiful soft water for you and your home so you can banish limescale forever. The compact design means it fits neatly under your kitchen sink and is suitable for households with up to 2 bathrooms. The only maintenance your softener requires is to replace the tablet salt.

    • FAQ's
    • Installation Instructions
    • 15mm Installation Kit Instructions
    • Features:
    • Suitable for homes with up to 2 bathrooms
    • Can fit neatly under your sink cupboard
    • WRAS approved
    • High Performance and Reliable: Non-electric patented valve, counter-current regeneration technology and high capacity fine mesh resin engineered to deliver high flow rates of soft water typically used by today’s demanding households
    • Powerful: The ion exchange process used is the most effective method to totally remove calcium and magnesium from hard water
    • Compact and Convenient: Fits neatly into a standard 600mm kitchen cupboard. Designed as a modern, contemporary household appliance with a transparent blue viewing window at the front of the softener allows you to check the salt levels, making it easier to see when your salt needs refilling. It also has the added benefit of running on either block salt and tablet salt
    • Easy to Install: Does not require connection to mains power supply making installation quicker and easier
    • Energy Efficient: Accurately meters the water to determine the exact moment when the tank needs to regenerate, thus great efficiency with low water and salt consumption. Non-electric valve means greater sustainability, no electricity costs, better for the environment and saves you money
    • Quiet Drive: Precision engineered valve to operate quietly for minimum disturbance and noise level
    • Max. Hardness: 525 mg/L
    • Salt Usage Per Regeneration: 0.27kg
    • Water Usage Per Regeneration: 25L
    • Regeneration Time: 12 minutes
    • Service Flow Rate: 30L per minute at 1 bar pressure, 40L per minute at 2 bar pressure
    • Connection: 3/4" BSP Male
    • Includes: 15mm WRAS approved drain and hose kit suitable for 32mm and 40mm waste pipe
    • Operating Temperature: Min. 2°C to 23°C max
    • Min. Pressure: 1.5 bar
    • Max. Pressure: 8 Bar
    • Recommended PRV fitted if above 6 bar
    • Weight: 15.5kg
    • Dimensions: H 49.2 x W 23.5 x D 42.5 cm
    • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer's warranty

Brand Kinetico
Connection 3/4" BSP Male
Dimensions H 49.2 x W 23.5 x D 42.5 cm
Max. Hardness 525 mg/L
Max. Pressure 8 Bar
Min. Pressure 1.5 bar
Operating Temperature Min. 2°C to 23°C max
Regeneration Time 12 minutes
Salt Usage Per Regeneration 0.27kg
Type Water Softener
Warranty 2 years manufacturer's warranty
Water Usage Per Regeneration 25L
Weight 15.5kg

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