Blue Whale Spa Hot Tub Full Service

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We recommend a full service once a year to keep your spa in a healthy condition. This annual service provides peace of mind in the knowledge that your spa has been professionally cleaned and every working aspect inspected and function checked for performance.

N.B. For us to proceed with the service, the tub must be filled with water and switched on. Hot tub parts, plumbing fittings, seals etc are additional to the service cost. If the tub is surrounded by decking or other structures, gazebo, summer house etc, the tub owner is responsible for ensuring access is available to the internal control box and circulation pump at the very minimum. If you have any queries, please call Blue Whale Spa's customer helpline: 0115 954 8888.

    • Remove and treat filters with filter cleaner. Recommend new filters where necessary
    • Run chemical system flush (antibacterial and degreaser fluid used to clean internal pipework)
    • Remove tub sides (where accessible) and inspect pipework for leaks and obvious faults
    • Electrical check on control system
    • Clean and protect hot tub lid with vinyl protectant
    • Drain tub and clean tub shell with surface cleaner
    • Vacuum out residual water in the tub
    • Remove jets (where possible) clean and refit. Some jets may not be possible to remove without damaging them due to scale build up or other chemical damage. Customer will be advised if this is the case.
    • Tighten all pump unions, inspect and replace any small seals if required
    • Refill hot tub with fresh water, check operation of pumps, blower, lights and heater
    • Rinse and refit filters
    • Balance chemicals using customers own chemicals and sign off the service with the customer
    • The service takes 3-4 hours

Brand Blue Whale Spa
Type Hot Tub Full Service