Hilka Professional 24 Gauge Steel 9 Piece Modular Cabinet Set

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The Hilka Professional 24 Gauge Steel, 9 Piece Modular Cabinet Set is an ideal storage solution for any garage or workshop. This modern meets practical set is packed with useful features to ensure you have all you need to maximise your work now and in the future.The Hilka 9 piece modular cabinet set features a fully welded construction for durability and adjustable feet keep the units level even on uneven floors. All units feature a keyed locking system to protect your valuable contents while not in use. Ball bearing slides, and cable management cut outs along with easy connect cabinets ensures you can set up and navigate easy giving you more time to work. This versatile cabinet's high weight capacity combined with its versatile spaces enables intuitive and space efficient use for all your tools. The tough scratch and stain resistant power coating ensures that the 9 piece set is resilient and maintains a like new appearance long into the future.

    • Features:
    • Fully welded 24 Gauge steel frame
    • Height adjustable feet for levelling even on uneven floors
    • Secure locking system
    • Cable management system
    • Easy Connect System
    • Scrath and Stain resistant touch powder coating.
    • Combined Unit Weight: 192.8kg
    • Combined Packaged Weight: 225.4kg
    • Overall Dimensions: H 193.0 x W 330.3 x D 47.2 cm
    • Set Includes:
    • 2 x Modular 2 Door Full Height Cabinets:
    • Three adjustable shelves ajustable in 7.62 cm (3") increments
    • Individual Shelf weight Capacity: 68kg
    • Combined Shelf Weight Capacity: 204kgs
    • Bottom Weight Capacity: 99.8kg
    • Top Weight Capacity: 68kg
    • Total Weight Capacity: 371.8kg
    • Dimensions: H 193.x W 75 x D 47.2 cm
    • 3 x Modular 2 Door Wall Cabinets:
    • Easy hold handles with magnetic door latches
    • Total Weight Capacity: 45.5kgs
    • Dimensions: H 40. x W 60 x D 31.2 cm
    • 1 x Modular 2 Door Cabinet:
    • Shelf Weight Capacity: 68kg
    • Bottom Weight Capacity: 68kg
    • Top Weight Capacity: 99.8kg
    • Total Weight Capacity: 235.8kg
    • Dimensions: H 83 x W 60 x D 41 cm
    • 1 x Modular 4 Drawer Cabinet:
    • Drawers are mounted on ball bearing slides for smooth opening and closing.
    • Drawer Weight Capacity: 45.3kg
    • Combined Drawer Weight Capacity: 181.2kg
    • Total Weight Capacity: 281kg
    • Dimensions: H 83 x W 60 x D 41 cm
    • 1 x Modular 3 Drawer Cabinet:
    • Drawer Weight Capacity: 45.4kg
    • Combined Drawer Weight Capacity: 136.2kg
    • Total Weight Capacity: 235.9kg
    • 1 x Worktop Area:
    • Designed to fit perfectly over Hilka Modular Storage Cabinets
    • Dimensions: H 2.5 x W 180 x D 42.7 cm

Combined Drawer Weight Capacity 181.2kg
Drawer Weight Capacity 45.3kg
Shelf Weight Capacity 68kg
Total Weight Capacity 371.8kg
Top Weight Capacity 68kg
Bottom Weight Capacity 99.8kg
Combined Shelf Weight Capacity 204kgs
Individual Shelf weight Capacity 68kg
Overall Dimensions H 193.0 x W 330.3 x D 47.2 cm
Combined Packaged Weight 225.4kg
Combined Unit Weight 192.8kg
Weight 192.8kg
Dimensions H 193.0 x W 330.3 x D 47.2 cm
Type Cabinet Set
Material 24 Gauge Steel
Brand Hilka
Colour Grey
Number Of Shelves 7
Number of Drawers 7
Number Of Pieces 9

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