Vitavia Vermont 6200 6ft 2" x 10ft 4" (2 x 3.2 m) Greenhouse Package

SKU: 66449348


Choose a premium installation service with your chosen greenhouse and enjoy the ease of knowing installation is taken care of. Let teams of skilled and trained installers take care of your installation and choose a premium installation service with your greenhouse for minimal fuss and swift assembly.

This product does not come with installation and will be delivered only.

Please note that the down piping kit is not included.

N.B Ground must be firm and level prior to assembly. For best results a concrete/slab base should be used.

The greenhouse offers a large 6.2 metre squared growing area and comes complete with a 1-tier staging table for additional work surface and which also doubles up as a handy storage area. Toughened Glass is much stronger than Horticultural glass and won't crack. If it does break it disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces that are unlikely to cause injury, unlike Horticultural Glass which breaks into shards.

This Vitavia Vermont 6200 Greenhouse Package will meet the needs of all gardeners, from beginners to those with more gardening expertise. Featuring a classic apex design for strength and reliability, the greenhouse is constructed from an anodised silver coloured aluminium frame with toughened glass panels. The sliding door can be positioned to the left or right hand side of the greenhouse to suit your preference.

    • Base Dimensions: W 2 x L 3.2 m
    • Assembled Dimensions: H 1.97 x W 2 x L 3.2 m
    • Base Included: Yes
    • Eaves Height: 1.24 m
    • Max. Ridge Height: 1.97 m
    • Sliding Door Width: 0.6 m
    • Growing Area: 6.2 m/sq
    • Build Time: 2 people approx. 2 days
    • Approved by the TUV Standards Authority
    • Steel perimeter base
    • 1 tier staging table for additional work surface/storage area
    • Integral gutters
    • Roof bracing for addtional strength
    • Roof vent for ventilation
    • Easy slide sliding door which can be positioned either side of the greenhouse
    • Toughened glass
    • Anodised silver coloured aluminium frame
    • Features:

Base Dimensions W 2 x L 3.2 m
Assembled Dimensions H 1.97 x W 2 x L 3.2 m
Base Included Yes
Eaves Height 1.24 m
Max. Ridge Height 1.97 m
Sliding Door Width 0.6 m
Growing Area 6.2 m/sq
Build Time 2 people approx. 2 days
Area Coverage 69² ft
Assembly Time 2 people, approx. 2 days
Double Doors No
Staging Tables 1
Frame Material Anodised Aluminium
Glass Type Toughened Glass
Installation Included No
Size 6.2ft x 10.4ft
Weight 210 kg
Dimensions H 1.97 x W 2 x L 3.2 m
Type Greenhouse
Brand Vitavia
Colour Silver

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