For Non-UK Residence  

Customs charge for goods sent from the UK, we ship from UK,  

You’ll be contacted by a courier company explaining how to pay any duty and fees for dealing with customs. 

They’ll normally hold your parcel until you pay. you will be notified by email or phone how to pay your duty,  

You’ll be charged Customs Duty on gifts and other goods sent from outside of your country if they are a certain value. 

The shipping company will send you electronically how to pay your duty, you will receive by email link how to pay your duty, or you will receive a letter from customs, same time you will be notified by your carrier wire email with tracking details.  

Import C.O.D. (ICOD) charges you will receive email from UPS or DHL how to pay your duty,  

You will be notified by UPS, DHL, or FedEx how to pay your customs charge  

The value includes: 

  • the price paid for the goods 
  • postage, packaging, and insurance 


Option 1, Return to sender,  Destination to United kingdom, Carrier Charge Apply, That's Far higher than Normal price, Carrier will charge Export Rate From Countries Where Product is. Amount Deducted from Actual payment before a refund, 

Option 2, Shipment being placed on hold and potentially destroyed after the relevant holding period without further instruction. May be some fine issues some countries, Few countries Will put on restrict for further import 

Option 3,  Redirect to Another Country, With Authorization,