Bespoke Arcade V-Pin Legends Pro 4K Virtual Pinball Machine
Bespoke Arcade V-Pin Legends Pro 4K Virtual Pinball Machine
Bespoke Arcade V-Pin Legends Pro 4K Virtual Pinball Machine

Bespoke Arcade V-Pin Legends Pro 4K Virtual Pinball Machine

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V-Pin Legends Virtual Pinball Table

The V-Pin Legends Virtual Pro Pinball Machine allows you to play over 70 different pinball games in one machine. Simply turn on your machine, choose your game via the flippers and immerse yourself in a world of pinball.

The V-Pin Legends Pro is the ultimate Virtual Pinball Machine, and has the unique advantage of the following key features:

A regal pinball experience

The V-Pin Legends comes with a chassis based around a traditional wide-body cabinet and is a real show-stopper in any location. Hand built and made to the highest standard in the UK. The V-Pin Legends Pro uses only genuine pinball parts, including a genuine pinball coin door, to give an authentic look and feel. Fitted with modern PC technology providing a fantastic way to experience all the classic tables.

Pre-loaded with your favourite tables

The V-Pin Legends comes preloaded with a selection of over 70 of the best pinball tables from The Pinball Arcade. Whilst you have the 70+ tables as standard, the V-Pin Legends also acts as a blank canvas and enables you to add all of your favourite tables both old and new. The V-Pin Legends allows you to add tables to the Visual Pinball or Future Pinball emulators that are pre-set. This allows you to build a true library of the games from your youth, simply at the touch of a button.

Technology surpasses reality

The V-Pin Legends’ comes with a 43" 4K playfield screen selected for its low response time and vivid display options, providing the look of an actual rolling ball. Fitted with a fully animated 28” back-glass providing the ultimate visual feast with each element from the original games replicated providing the simulated glow of the bulbs.

A full colour DMD score screen looks just as you remember with all the traditional score fields and on-screen mini games to add to the immersion of every table. The “clack-clack" on both flippers and flipper recoil immerses you into the gameplay.

The full virtual works

The V-Pin Legends Pro comes with a full vibration kit, this provides multiple points of vibration situated at the optimum points within the chassis. Fitted with a RGB lightshow which is powered by 5 large RGB lamps through a LED controller to make a array of light effects adding to your experience. A RGB lit control and flipper buttons add extra style. Included is a nudge/tilt controller which allows the V-Pin Legends Pro to be moved with just the nudge of the cabinet. This means you can see the ball moving when the board is tilted.

A roaring PC engine

The V-Pin Legends features a powerful  i7 octo core PC, with a super-fast 500GB SSD hard drive space for games tables. Fitted with a GTX graphics card giving you the smoothest and most customisable display allowing you to take virtual pinball gaming to a higher level. Included are 2 external USB ports that allow you to plug in any required devices. The V-Pin Legends Pro has a built in Wi-Fi card which lets you add more and more tables with ease, also permitting remote assistance, should you wish to modify any settings once you’ve received your machine. Included is an wireless mouse and keyboard to help you to navigate your system with ease. Made with a BOSE™ sound system with 2 front speakers and an internal woofer, for excellent sound.

Unrivalled reliability and support

Thanks to reliable PC architecture and minimal moving parts, your V-Pin Legends will serve you for decades to come. A support line is available for all queries and helpful assistance is available whenever required.

Add your own emulators

The V-Pin Legends machine is compatible with the Future Pinball and Visual Pinball emulators. There are 100's of tables available to download featuring accurate recreations of tables old and new as well as some truly stellar fan-made tables.

    • List of Games Included
    • RGB LED Kit - Colour changing responsive light show w/ 5 x super bright LEDS + RGB buttons
    • Full Vibration Kit – Vibration pads, control board + motor provide an even more authentic feel
    • PC Power Upgrade - Enhanced i7PC/GTX Graphics power to allow even better pinball action
    • Screen Upgrade - High Quality 43" UHD 4K LCD Playfield Monitor
    • BOSE Speaker Upgrade - Upgraded Speakers to BOSE
    • Nudge/Tilt Controller Board - See the ball move if you knock/bump the table
    • Over 70 preset tables
    • Handcrafted V-Pin legends chassis
    • Authentic pinball cabinet parts
    • 43” 4K playfield screen
    • Fully animated 28" back glass screen
    • Full colour 14.9” DMD score screen
    • Optimised for use with many pinball platforms
    • Authentic-feel flipper effects
    • Full feedback with multiple vibration points
    • Lightshow with 5 RGB lamps
    • RGB lit flipper and control buttons
    • Analog nudge/tilt allows bumping of the table
    • Intel Octo core i7 (10th gen) PC with 500GB SSD HD space
    • Wi-Fi enabled with 2 external USB ports
    • Superb BOSE™ speaker system
    • Genuine pinball coin door (for authenticity)
    • Wireless handheld keyboard/mouse
    • Pre-installed menu system for easy table management
    • Full vibration kit with pads and control board for authentic feel
    • Made in the UK
    • Leg installation required

Audio BOSE™ Speaker System
Brand V-Pin
Dimensions L 132 x W 71 cm
Graphics Card GTX Graphics Card
Ports 2 x USB Ports
Processor Intel Octo Core i7
Storage 500GB SSD HD
Type Arcade Machine
Weight 100 kg (approx)
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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