Duracell Optimum AA Batteries - 20 Pack
Duracell Optimum AA Batteries - 20 Pack
Duracell Optimum AA Batteries - 20 Pack

Duracell Optimum AA Batteries - 20 Pack

SKU: 5684555

Duracell Optimum AA Batteries - 20 Pack

SKU: 5684555
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Duracell Optimum AA batteries provide up to 200% extra life and extra power (compared to the Minimum Average Duration of the 2015 IEC Digital Camera test. Results may vary by device or usage).

Extra Life

Duracell Optimum will last longer than previous Duracell Alkaline batteries in a range of mid to high drain devices (e.g. Xbox One Wireless Controller, Fujifilm Instax mini 11 camera).

Extra Power

In other devices, Duracell Optimum will deliver more power than previous Duracell Alkaline, making them work better (running motors faster in remote controlled cars). So your screwdriver can operate with more power to build your DIY furniture faster.

Battery care tips to help maximize your experience, and ensure safe usage with Duracell batteries:

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, you can return your waste batteries to your local waste portable battery recycling facility which can be found at www.recyclenow.com/what-to-do-with/batteries-1. Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also set up collection points. End-users may find stores in their local area accessible.

    • When inserting batteries into your device, please take care to match the right polarities (+ and - ends) marked on the battery to the device
    • Batteries which are incorrectly inserted into devices may be short-circuited
    • Do not charge regular Duracell batteries (only batteries marked Rechargeable)
    • Please avoid mixing used with new batteries, or batteries of different brands
    • When replacing batteries in a device, replace them all because different levels of discharge and voltage could lead to venting / leakage
    • Fully used batteries should be immediately removed from devices and disposed of properly (as pertained by local laws)
    • When discharged batteries are kept in your device for a long time, leakage may occur causing damage to the device
    • Avoid deforming or dismantling batteries in any way
    • Batteries contain various active ingredients which store electrochemical energy and can be dangerous if they contact your skin
    • Store unused batteries in their original packaging and away from metal objects
    • Mixing batteries with metal objects can cause them to short circuit and affect their performance
    • Do not throw away. Please follow local requirements to recycle electronic appliances and batteries.
    • Always select the correct size and grade of battery that is best matched for your device, read your device instructions to know which batteries to use
    • Please replace all batteries of a set at the same time to get optimal use and avoid any chance of discharge or short circuit
    • Clean the battery contacts and the battery bay area of your device before you insert the batteries
    • Ensure that the batteries are installed correctly with the right polarities (+ and -) matching the device polarities
    • Remove batteries from devices which will not to be used for an extended period of time
    • Remove batteries that are out of power promptly to avoid leakage issues

Category AA
Brand Duracell
Type AA

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