Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine
Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine
Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine
Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine
Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine
Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine

SKU: 5651486

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine

SKU: 5651486
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The Marcy Deluxe Smith Machine and its imposing size and frame can shoulder the weight of vigorous workouts whilst maintaining a safe strength training environment. Safety with a Smith Machine is second to none; they are ideal for training up to 135 kg without a spotter. They allow you to lift heavier and push harder without risk of injury from the weights coming down on you. This home gym encompasses all aspects of strength training. An integrated cable system features High & Low Pulley Stations with various features, including a Pec Dec, a Lat. Pulldown and a Footplate for seated rows. The Marcy SM4000 comes with a Lat.Bar, a Triceps rope, a D-shape handle, a V-bar, an Ankle strap and a Shiver bar; all these gym attachments can be used on either station to add to your exercise range. On top of this, Free Weight Barbell Pegs, on the front of the cage with 9 height adjustment holes, can hold any separate 7ft bar.

This Deluxe home gym also includes a removable weight bench, manufactured to a commercial-grade, with a full leg developer for leg extensions and leg curls, with a biceps pad and curls handles and with a fully adjustable back pack with military, incline, flat and decline functions available making the smith machine one of the most robust, versatile pieces of gym equipment available today.

Product Weight: 180 kg

Lubricate moving parts with WD-40 or light oil periodically.

Inspect and tighten all parts before using the machine.

The machine can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild non-abrasive detergent.

Please note: Olympic Bar and Weights not included. Pair with Marcy Olympic Weight Set here

    • Curved lat bar with foam hand grips
    • Revolving short straight bar with foam hand grips
    • Double-ended triceps rope
    • Chrome v-bar narrow handle
    • Single d-handle with foam hand grip
    • Ankle strap with Velcro attachment and foam inner for comfort

Smith Press Bar Uses ultra-glide bushings for smooth motion with knurled bar to improve grip and 9 'hook-in' holes (10kg unloaded)
Safety Smith Press Stop Position to stop the smith press lowering past a certain height during training
High Pulley System Accommodates any gym attachment and features lat bar holder
Low Pulley System Accommodates any gym attachment and features a striker plated foot plate
Pec Dec System Independent motion arms for iso-lateral balanced chest exercise
Free Weight Barbell Pegs On the front of the cage with 9 height adjustment holes, takes only 7ft barbells
Safety Catcher Pegs Use in conjunction with the free weight pegs as a safety precaution to drop the barbell on
Weight Bench Adjusts to decline, flat, multiple incline and upright angles with a commercial grade quick release adjustment system
Bench Attachments Includes leg developer and preacher arm curl pad
Exercise Chart A3 chart illustrates how to train all your major muscle groups
Slanted Frame 7 degree slanted frame aligns with the body’s natural bio-mechanics for a healthier, more natural feel
Off-the-Floor Base Distributes the weight evenly for enhanced durability and a more robust feel
Adapter Sleeves Allow for the use of 2” Olympic or 1” Standard weight plates
6 Storage Posts For Olympic or Standard plates
Locking Clips Olympic locking clips included
Clip on Chains Can be used to adjust the length of the gym attachments
Adjustable Cable Tension Prevents any slack for instant resistance
Framework 14 gauge 5 x 5cm steel frame with striker plate protected front uprights
Upholstery 2.5” inch thick box stitched padded upholstery with lower back support
Paint Finish Power coated chip resistant finish
Guide Rods Solid steel 1” (25mm) diameter for consistent smith bar tracking
Cables 2000lb tensile strength aircraft cables for long lasting use
Pulleys 4" nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings for ultra-glide feel
Approximate Self-assembly Time 6-10 hours, 2 people recommended for early stages (Assembly guide, illustrations, basic tools included)
Compatible Floor Types Concrete, wood, mats, carpet (more available)
Resistant to Scratch resistant, sweat resistant, mildew resistant, rust resistant, tear resistant, odour resistant
Bolt to Floor Recommended No
Chest Incline, Flat & Decline Barbell Press, Pec Dec, Single-Arm Crossover, Pullover
Back Lat Pulldown, Bent Over Row, Seated Row, Single-Arm Row
Shoulders Shoulder Press, Front Raises, Rear Flyes, Side Lateral Raises, Face Pulls
Legs Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calf Raises
Abs Cable Crunches, Cable Woodchops, Decline Crunches, Oblique Side Raises
Biceps Cable Bicep Curls, Hammer Rope Curls, High Cable Curls
Triceps Close Grip Press, Triceps Pushdown, Kickbacks, Triceps Extensions
Assembled Dimensions (Bench & Cage) H 216 x W 202 x D 230 cm
Smith Cage Dimensions H 216 x W 202 x D 178 cm
Weight Bench Dimensions L 175 x W 74 x H 126 cm
Width of Cage 114 cm
Max Weight Load on Smith Press Rack & Free Weight Pegs 135 kg
Max User Weight Capacity on Bench 270 kg (including user weight)
Max Weight Load on High Pulley, Low Pulley & Pec Dec System 90 kg
Max Weight Load on Leg Developer & Arm Curl 45 kg
Product Weight 180 kg
Box 1 L 212 x W 53 x H 20 cm
Box 2 L 109 x W 51 x H 51 cm
Box 3 L 101.5 x W 61 x H 19 cm

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